Techno Metal Post of Albany is the foundation solution provider for virtually any type of structure you build.

The Techno Metal Post helical pile is like a giant metal screw that is installed by a certified technician using proprietary hydraulic machinery. The pier is augered into the ground until the desired bearing capacity is achieved.

Techno Metal Post of Albany is the region's only certified installer of Techno Metal Post helical piles. No other company can guarantee that your building or structure is anchored on a solid base using Techno Metal Post helical pile technology.

Technology that has at its foundation, an engineered system of on-going research and development, continuous innovation of machine and helical pile design, and technician classroom education and field training.

  • what is a tmpHelical piles have been used for more than 100 years - mostly in heavy duty, commercial construction.

    Techno Metal Post of Albany brings this technology to your project along with a properly trained team with an extensive engineering support for our work making it easy for you to insist on Genuine Techno Metal Post Quality.

  • techno-METAL-POST-foundation-for-your-cottage

    Build year-round with Techno Metal Post of Albany!

    Frozen ground isn't a problem. We can install our foundations as easily when the climate turns cold as a warm summer day!

    Don't let winter weather postpone your building plans.

  • techno-METAL-POST-expand-on-solid-groundAdditions no longer require a dug, poured, slab or block foundation. You'll be ready to build your deck frame as soon as we leave the site.

    Need extra support for a hot tub? We can account for that installation too!
  • techno-METAL-POST-foundation-for-your-balconySpeed build time for decks and porches with Techno Metal Post of Albany. We can set foundation piers for your project in minutes. No more lugging around and mixing 80 lb. bags of concrete, digging holes or waiting for footing inspections. We provide zoning and building-department approved and certified engineering documentation before we leave the job site that guarantees load capacity.
  • techno-METAL-POST-foundation-of-your-houseHomes, buildings, and structures built on sloping, rocky, remote or difficult sites are no problem for Techno Metal Post. Our helical piles are designed to install solid foundations at an extremely cost-competitve price point for builders, contractors, propery managers and home owners faced with the prospect of a challenging build, structural renovation or stabilization.
  • techno-METAL-POST-solution-for-your-foundationTechno Metal Posts can be installed where a traditional footing would fill with water or mud as it was dug. So much stronger than a driven pile, our posts are hard at work supporting boardwalks, docks, bridges, lakeside decks and mooring cribs all over the Capital District. We can literally install dock pilings through the frozen ice surface of your lake!



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